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Soundmaster T

Artist Bio

Soundmaster T is undeniably one of Chicago's most talented producers, songwriters, and rappers.  His passion for music began at a young age when he performed in his church's choir.  Years later, Soundmaster T emerged in the music industry as a DJ in Chicago.  It was from his passion and talent to play hits in the clubs that he decided to take on his own musical career. 

Soundmaster T soon began producing and blending hip hop and dance music into his own unique urban sound that created the popular hit "Too Much Booty (In the Pants)."  The song took off and made it big in southern clubs and eventually transitioned to urban radio.  "Too Much Booty (In the Pants)" went platinum and appeared on the hit television show "So You Think You Can Dance," and in movies like "The Underclassman" and "Date Movie". 

Due to his growing popularity, Soundmaster T hit the road on a nationwide tour with acts like Twista, Lil John, and Ying Yang Twinz.  When the tour came to a close, Soundmaster T decided once again to try something new musically.  He started the popular Chicago group, The Mercenaries, and teamed up with rapper, Jah Rista.  Now, Soundmaster T is back in his hometown of Chicago working with Jah Rista and The Mixmaster Dan Morrell to create "The Droked Out Movement." 

You can hear his songs, "Do It Like My Birthday" featuring Twista, "Droked Out", and "I'm Gone (The Patron Song)" everywhere in Chicago, including the B96 Street Mix Show.  Soundmaster T is proving yet again that he is next to blow up in the music industry.

"Being a solid artist, producer, and performer, Soundmaster T is shaping up to be Chicago's next
triple-threat talent!"
-Erik Bradley, Music Director,
B96 Radio (WBBM-FM) Chicago.





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